Some Perfect Curtains

'soggettive' e 'field recordings'

Marco Lucchi

Venerdì 15 novembre 2002

Venerdì 22 novembre 2002

A partire dalle ore 21

1. i would question *divination*, as perhaps i differ from you, in that i do not believe in spirit, or the divine, which does not mean that the play of concealment of divinity does not affect our world, even as entheos (divine-within)

2. *form* presupposes an extension of forms of a greater form, which i would have difficulty with, given 1.

4. *media* raises a host of problematics of the subject, the subjectum, the surface, the substance, the subjectile, and the frame.

and 4., *utilize* again implies a very narrow, delimited genre of enframing, indeed, one that is in service of something else, if not its own narrow destiny

(Tobias c. van Veen)

a volte somigliano a radiodrammi elettronici, o a 'corti' musicali

e stanno alla musica come il soggetto alla sceneggiatura

soprattutto ricordano i titoli di testa o di coda

quando cala o sta per salire il sipario

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